What I Love Lately


김비서가 왜 그럴까 | What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
This! Drama! I have watched quite a few Korean Dramas, and this one was recommended to me by at least two friends. Park Seojoon and Park Min Young star. He’s the narcissistic vice president of his family’s company and she’s his quick-thinking, hardworking secretary. She shocks him one day by announcing her resignation, and the drama follows the aftermath of it all.. I recommend giving this drama a try if you like comedy and romance, and a bit of drama! I’ve been hooked. I’m so sad to see it end so soon, and wonder what drama I’ll sink my teeth into next..



NEOGEN – Real Ferment Micro Essence
I ordered this from Soko Glam after hearing so much about it online, and especially from Joan Kim, one of my favorite YouTubers whose recommendations I trust completely. I remember hearing that your skin “drinks up” this product, and it really does. I delicately pat this on, and in a few minutes, it feels as though my face had never been touched! I don’t enjoy sticky residue, and this product leaves none of that. However, my face has been feeling incredibly moisturized lately. Could it be as a result of this product? Maybe!


Jay Park – Yacht ft. Vic Mensa
Who doesn’t love a summer bop? No one. Because everyone loves summer bops! Also, shoutout because I see Diamond Head in the background.


Jessi – Down
Because I’m a summer bop enthusiast, here’s a second one. I look up to Jessi. She’s breaking barriers and exudes the kind of confidence and attitude I wish I had. I’ll forever root for her!


Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.30.52 PM

Playground Tattoo | @playground_tat2
Ever since I saw one particular tattoo on this account, I’ve been itching to get one. I love how delicate the artist’s work is. It’s amazing how creative it can get even though they are so simple and small. I’ve always liked tattoos, but never new quite what I wanted. Now I know. I knew I wanted it right when I saw it. To keep it a secret until I get it (if I do!), I won’t share which one I want (it’s not pictured!).



Apple AirPods
Don’t hate me! I followed the trend, but I don’t regret it one bit! In my own defense, all I can say is that I use these all the time. I use them when I watch videos or listen to music at home, especially when I’m doing an activity, like putting things away or washing the dishes. I’ve also found them incredibly useful at the gym. I forgot how annoying it can be to run or lift weights with messy earphone cords.

I hope to get more creative with these posts in the future. Happy weekend, everyone! Stay hydrated. I don’t know where you are, but it reached 90° where I am and that is about all I can take. Stay hydrated, folks. 🙂


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