Tips for Starting Your First Job

1 Research, research, research!

Research your company, research your co-workers (to an extent!), research everything you can. You want to be as prepared as possible, so try to have at least a vague idea of who you’ll be surrounded with. Maybe know a little about who your competitors might be, or what companies you company does business with if that information has been made public (via social media, company website, etc). It never hurts to know a little too much.

2 Take notes on what your co-workers are wearing and follow suit

Make an effort to make conversation at lunchtime, if other people seem to be in a chatty mood. Lots of people are glued to their phones for that half an hour, but try to be present in the conversation if one is happening. It’s a great way to get to know others in a short period of time, and makes it easier to find your place within the office.

3 Stock up

Bring snacks, maybe even have a drawer full! Sometimes the hunger creeps up, or maybe you need to stress eat for a second. Bring healthy snacks to work, and make sure there are a variety of things you can choose from. Bring salty snacks like pretzels and something on the sweet side like banana chips. I always suggest having some tea on hand, or even instant coffee if that’s your jam. Sometimes you just need a caffeine kick.. Trust me.

4 Be conscious & bring your own stuff

Stay hydrated, stay caffeinated (if you must). Bring a reusable water bottle, reusable straw, and reusable mug/cup and store it in your office. Bring a plate, utensils, and a bowl too! That way you don’t have to buy any utensils and you’ll be able to stay conscious of the environment.

5 Save! Make it a habit to split every paycheck

When you get your paycheck, split it, and save it. What I do whenever I get my paycheck is split it. I put half into my savings. I split the other half again. I put one half of that into my checking account, and the other half into a different savings account. The savings account I just mentioned is for trips and fun activities, but my main savings account is for life expenses.

6 Know your worth

No matter where you work, know your worth. Perhaps you don’t get along with everyone and your co-workers don’t become your best friends. That’s okay! However, you should understand that you are an important part of the team. What you do matters. Don’t let anyone mistreat you. Try to keep work from becoming an unsafe space for you, and know when it is (if it ever becomes one — but I hope it doesn’t). Work is a huge part of your life now, so don’t let it drive your mental, physical and emotional health into the ground.

Last bit.. It’s okay to feel lost and unsure. It’s okay to not feel 100% engaged in what you’re doing, or feel less passionate than others around you. It’s your first job! You will learn so much. You’ll learn about the field you’re in, your strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll even acquire new skills. Just think of this as a stepping stone to a better version of yourself.

xo, K

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