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Podcasts have been my new method of passing time. Sometimes I have mindless, busywork to do and don’t want my mind to wander. I find that when it wanders, it takes me to dark places and negative feelings. I also want to gain something amidst my busywork, even if it’s in a small way. Podcasts do that. I’ve been trying to test my comfort zone, trying out a variety of podcasts, some that don’t even interest me at first look. Through this search, I’ve found a few I’d like to share. I’ll give a few specific episode recommendations as well!

1. How I Built This with Guy Raz: NPR
If you’re familiar with podcasts, I have no doubt you’ve heard of this one. Guy Raz sits down with the founders of companies we all know and love. These founders guide us through their journey, filling us in on how down and dirty they had to get in order to reach the great success they have now. It always leaves me feeling inspired. It’s also such a great reminder that you don’t really get anywhere without some hard work. And you may not get there on the first try.

I have so many episodes I’ve loved and want to recommend, but the ones that I’d encourage you all to listen to include the episode with Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, Adam Lowry & Eric Ryan’s journey with methodMiguel McKelvey’s WeWork episode, and Emily Weiss’ chat about Glossier.

2. Girlboss with Sophia Amoruso
As a 23 year old female, I can’t explain how encouraging it is to listen to females talk about their journey, their struggles, and give advice. That’s pretty much what Girlboss Radio is all about. I’ve admired Sophia Amoruso for so long, and I just love her easygoing vibe and the way she speaks. Again, I had some trouble picking out just a few episodes, but this is what I’ve narrowed it down to.

As a longtime follower, I’d recommend Michelle Phan’s episode. She’s so graceful and easy to listen to! Aimee Song is so cool and I think she and Sophia have similar, chill personalities that I vibe with, so I definitely recommend her episode as well. Gabby Bernstein’s episode was also pretty awesome and the path she’s taken was such an interesting one to learn about. I haven’t listened to it yet (HOW? I don’t know either!), but I know I’ll love it so please do listen to the chat with Joanna Coles, because I’ve admired her for so long.

3. Perfectly Imperfect with Regina and Christine
I’m so bummed this podcast isn’t around right now. Regina and Christine felt like friends, or dare I say, older sisters? They covered topics most females can relate to, and I loved some of their takes on what it was like growing up in an Asian household. There were a few times my inner voice screamed, “This is my life!!!” It’s an easy listen so I think you can get through a few episodes a day, but I have a few you should start with.

The one that I needed the most was the Post-Grad Struggles episode. I’m still struggling and it’s been nearly a year, so I might have to give this one another go sometime soon. I know it’s the episode after it, but the Expectation vs. Reality: Life in Your 20s talk also was a NEED in my life. If anyone’s feeling the way I am, know you’re not alone! Lastly, Jenn Im has been one of my favorite influencers for.. Gosh, I don’t even know how long. Anything involving her will always be a favorite.

These next few podcasts are ones I’ve only listened to an episode or two of, but will definitely be tuning in to more:

4. On The Line with Estée Lalonde
I can’t believe I didn’t start this podcast earlier. I love Estée and have been watching her for years. I adore her friendship with Amelia Liana and it had to be the first episode I listened to. Surprise, surprise! I loved it.

5. The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show
The one episode I watched I highly recommend. Seth Godin is a genius, but everything he says is so easy to understand.

6. FOODBEAST’s The Katchup
They’re so entertaining, I could listen for so long! I hope all the episodes are like this, because the one I listened to recently with @foodwithmichel’s Michel PhiPhak and it was so, so good. Can’t wait to tune in again.

7. Abroad in Japan
I love all things Japan, and this allows me to learn more about it and enjoy with not only my eyes, but my ears! I watch Chris’ YouTube Channel from time to time and recently found out that he hosts his own podcast. I needed to jump in immediately!

Honorable mention podcast episodes:
Design Details Ep 21: Startup Lubricant feat. Bin Chen
Guts N’ Glory Podcast: “New York to Tokyo” with Lindsay Arakawa

Podcasts I haven’t listened to yet, but want to: Oprah Super Soul Conversations, The Wine Down by Wine Dialogues, Bon Appétit Foodcast, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Glossy Beauty Podcast (specifically the one with Glow Recipe gals, Sarah & Christine), Ologies PodcastAsian Boss Girl, Stuff Mom Never Told YouA Taste of the Past (especially the China Street Food episode because I’m a sucker for street food!), & Don’t Keep Your Day Job.

I’m sure, in time, I’ll have an abundance of podcasts to recommend to you all, but this is where I have to cut it off. I hope to recommend something else next time! Maybe something a little different, like face masks? Or maybe snacks? ‘Til then.


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