Sweet Treats to Eat in Atami

Atami. Cliffs? Seaside city? Onsen? What comes to mind? Probably one of those things I mentioned, right? Well, you know what else you should think about when you come to Atami? Sweets. Desserts. Treats of all kind! This place is overflowing with delicious things to eat, so I suggest you get your walking shoes on to balance out all the tasty items you’ll be eating here. I’ve done the work for you and accumulated some of the best bites Atami has to offer:



Onsen Manju must be eaten hot. Straight out of the steamer, like above, if that’s possible. This is a fluffy treat that’s a bit bready on the outside, and often filled with puréed red bean paste on the inside. I’m not typically a red bean lover, but this is one of my exceptions! It’s such a simple creation, but hands down one of the best things I tasted in Atami.



Cheese Tarts found at Coeda House are a light afternoon snack that goes great with a cup of iced coffee. The bitterness of the coffee will balance out the creamy cheese flavor. Try out the Daidai Tart for something with a little spark. Maybe give the limited Rose + Strawberry Cheese Tart a taste to get yourself in the mood for the downhill flower filled walk in the garden. If somehow you’re not a cheese lover, the Rose Ice Cream is a hit too!




Atami Square Chou À La Crème is a funky little creation. Think toast, but only the crust, and filled with a thick, but somehow airy cream. The top of the square is dusted with some type of powder, so make sure not to inhale it like I did! You’ll throw yourself into a coughing fit for at least a good 30 seconds! Although this dessert isn’t the most spectacular of the ones I had in Atami, I found it to be a fun, experimental treat.



A “Chikufu” as MOA Museum of Art Teahouse Ippaku-an calls it, is the most delicate confectionery on this list. Red bean paste, which makes its second appearance on this list(!), is sandwiched by two sweet, thin pancakes. This is offered in a set, accompanied by a cup of fresh matcha green tea, which I highly recommend you take advantage of. Enjoy the solitude and the scenery as you indulge in this duo.



Atami Purin might be the go-to spot out of all the places on this list. It’s not your average Snack Pack pudding if that’s what you’re thinking. As a result of being steamed, this pudding takes on a more unique consistency. It falls somewhere between pudding, custard, and maybe even frosting? You’ll have to try it yourself to find out! Go to their second location near the shopping street. It’s SO cute, you even get a bucket, or maybe it’s a barrel, to take your pudding and utensils to your seat. I suggest getting the signature flavor with the caramel sauce, which is what I regret not trying. I opted for the chocolate flavor, being the chocolate lover that I am. Very good! However, I wish I stuck it out to try the flavor that started it all. If you ever give it a try, let me know how you like it!

I’ll have to trek my way back to Atami sometime to give the original pudding a try, and indulge in everything else a second time~ Until next time!

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