Feelin’ This Wednesday

Welcome to Feelin’ This! Not sure if I like the name yet, but I’m going to roll with it for now. In these kinds of posts, I’m going to share a few random bits and bobs that I’m currently enjoying or interested by. From things online to things offline — There are no rules here! Enjoy~

I highly recommend everyone read this article and take this quiz. Find your type of creative personality, because surely we all have one. Maybe it’ll help you to better understand the way you work, the way you process things. Or maybe it’s just for fun. Either way, head on over! And if anyone’s wondering, I got The Visionary.

Cari is one of my favorite YouTubers at the moment. She’s really chill and so easy to listen to. She makes me want to see Seoul, and not from a tourist perspective. She also is just so funny sometimes, and I love the vibe from every single one of her videos. Even the sit-down and talk ones! I’ve also met her at a meetup she hosted in NYC, and she’s really just as cool in real life. I’ve even kept in touch with a few buddies I met that day! Ah, technology.

Sari Sari Store in Grand Central Market would be my new favorite go-to spot if I lived in Los Angeles! However, I don’t, so I’ll just have to stick to giving it a shout out and sending others there for me. Their Lechon Kawali is top notch. So glad I listened to the universe (and friends) and tried it out. Both my friend and I were completely blown away! Check my Instagram post for a mini review. I swear I will be back! Someday..
Check out their: website | instagram

This is a bit of a random one, but I’ve been living for the Notes application on my iPhone. YES, this is the application that comes with the phone! I take down notes of every kind, and I love that I can access them between my phone and laptop if I want to. It’s just so convenient. I’m going to try organizing my notes into more specific folders soon, because 144 notes.. It’s a mess.

A last thing that I’m feeling is (no surprise here) BTS’ entire discography. As a result of the current Love Yourself Speak Yourself World Tour going on, I’m in full BTS mode! I’m heading to the Chicago concert tonight and I! can’t! wait! I love the energy and the music, the boys and the way it all makes me feel. It’s truly a ~euphoric~ experience that I just can’t explain. If you listen to BTS, hit me with your favorite songs! I have so many favorites, I won’t even begin to name them all for you..

I hope you enjoyed this short little post and are excited for more of these to come! It’s fun to share what’s on my radar and I’d love to know what’s on yours! Be sure to leave any cool tidbits you think I should check out down below. 🙂

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