Feelin’ This Wednesday

Back again, and it’s been a while! I have a few new things to share so please, read on~! Feel free to share anything you’ve been feelin’ down below!

Jisho.org has once again become my go-to for learning Japanese. Have I mentioned I’m taking Japanese language classes? They’re really slow, so I haven’t learned much, but I’m glad I’m taking the time to at least try! Jisho is seriously the place to go if you want to look up a word. The site is clean, simple, and overall easy to navigate and understand. Anyone else learning a language right now?! Tell me how to get more motivated.. PLEASE!

Big fat shoutout to 7 Eleven Hawaii. Why? They’re doing the best they can to make it a one stop shop for all food needs. As they continue to release more products, they become even more reminiscent of 7 Eleven in Japan (the superior 7 Eleven branch). Not only do they sell some of the snack items you can find in Japan, but the hot and cold food items are getting to be more irresistible — and some even have a local touch! They just released the Matcha Azuki Manapua, and they’ve come out with the triangle onigiri, which, if you ask me, SCREAMS Japan! Can’t wait for what’s next, I know good things are coming!

I knew I liked him for a reason! Though he’s not necessarily the most funny or the most entertaining, I found this video endearing because he enjoyed some of those snacks and was really open (and honestly a bit eager) to try everything! I feel like he’s just a dad, a tough, and very handsome dad — but a dad nonetheless. Also, the last part where his PA comes in and asks for more snacks for him for later.. SO CUTE!

Chelsea Blecha makes beautiful art — check out one of my faves. I’ve been really dipping into exploring art/illustration related hashtags just to see what’s out there and I have NOT been disappointed. Chelsea really stuck out to me so I thought I’d share her profile with you all! I absolutely love her style and can’t wait to see what else she creates. She also created a “Shiba Sushi Chef” (try saying that 5x fast!) that is ADORABLE, but you’ll have to go to her profile to see it for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoyed this small segment of Feelin’ This! I’ll be back soon for another round~ Please always feel free to share anything you’ve been feelin’ lately!

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