22 Things I Learned at 22

So, funny story. I went through my Google Drive and stumbled across a few old documents, one of which being this document titled, “22 Things I Learned at 22.” Heads up, I’m 23 now. It didn’t feel right to just allow this post to go to waste, so I’ve decided to share it with you all, be it a few (many) months old!

1 (ChickenBaconRanch) Pizza is the only drunk food.

I didn’t say it was pretty. I just said it’s good!

2 Always eat and consume at least two cups of water after a night out, and before going to sleep.

3 Sometimes you go through a funk and you don’t realize until you’re at your worst and lowest point.

4 Put on lip balm before bed.

5 Sometimes people don’t understand your hobbies, and that’s okay. Keep doing you!

6 Teach people about your culture when you can.

7 Utilize group/class/professor evaluations to speak your truth.

8 Brussel sprouts are tasty so long as they are cooked properly.

9 Hosting a party is just as fun as attending.

I swear to it. Plan a party for someone you love! They’ll feel special and you’ll have a blast. 🙂

10 When you feel hungry, drink water. When you feel sick, drink water. When you’re tired, drink water. When you’re hungover, drink water. If in 20 minutes you don’t feel better, try something else, whether it be food, meds, sleep, or all of the above.

11 Don’t let your fear keep you from doing something you want to do. Rather, let it push you to do it.

12 Buy a robe to use after you shower. They’re cozy and nice to lounge in.

13 Stuffed animals and extra pillows make your bed feel less lonely.

14 If you’re craving something you want to eat, make it yourself.

I was craving Bibimbap and Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) one week, so I made it!

15 K-Pop is the future of music. The super precise choreography, the extravagant fashion, the top quality physical albums.. All of it. Especially BTS.

Need I say more? Just LOOK at this album!

16 Learning a language is hard, so if you’re doing it right now.. Good job!

17 Being sad and feeling sorry for yourself is okay, but don’t let it get in the way of being happy for other people.

18 If you have the chance to show someone that you appreciate them, do it.

19 Play games with your friends on a Friday night for once, instead of going out.

20 Just because you have bad thoughts, doesn’t make you a bad person.

21 On cold nights, throw your blanket or comforter in the dryer for a few minutes then wrap up your toasty self.

I swear, warm blankets make everything better! Especially if it’s below 20° out!

22 You can steam broccoli in the microwave! You just need a bowl, water, a dash of olive oil, some salt and pepper. Cover it with a lid, throw it in for 2-3 minutes and you’re good to go!

Hope you enjoyed my 22 year old thoughts. It wasn’t much, but reading it back, even now, I found it to be insightful. Hope you did too! Until next time~

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