Favorite Spots in Hawaii: Coffee Talk

This space is everything I’ve ever wanted in a cafe. I came here after a series of unfortunate events. I didn’t even PLAN to come here.. But I suppose it was meant to be. I’ve been wanting to stop by for a while now! It’s THE hub of Kaimuki, I swear.

First of all, the vibe is perfect. The walls are covered in various kinds of art. It keeps this place really fresh! There are tons of tables, some where people are chatting away, but others where guests are doing their own thing. You’ll find some people are reading, others are working, and a few are just enjoying their drink and watching cars pass by outside. There aren’t a ton of outlets, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a seat next to one. There’s music playing, but at least to me, it’s not loud enough where I find it to be distracting. I especially love the natural light flowing into the cafe. Even though I like darkness, the sunlight surely keeps me more alert and awake.

Fun Fact: This spot used to be a bank.. So this doorway was once a vault!

Secondly.. Oh gosh, the menu is extensive! I had such a hard time choosing what to get that I had to ask the barista for her recommendations. She gave me a few, so I ended up going with an iced cinnamon roll latte and a (very generous) slice of banana bread. There were so many drinks and treats that stood out to me that I’m definitely going to have to get different items next time I go so I can figure out what I really like! Also, did I mention all the treats are made in house? AMAZING. From chicken curry puffs, to quiche, to scones, muffins, and butter mochi.. What can’t they do?

What I love most about this place is how welcoming it is to pretty much anyone. And anything! I walked in and I saw a very well behaved dog sitting beside its owners. So cute! The owner of the cafe was here too, which I only found out later. She helped the customer beside me get the most caffeinated drink on the menu (Why did he need it on a Sunday afternoon? Not sure..). She let him sample the nitro cold brew before he purchased it. Her openness and friendliness toward guests made me see why this place is so loved. I’m lucky I don’t live nearby.. I’d be here all the time!

Even still, I highly suggest any coffee or cafe lover to hit this place up. So far, it’s perfect in my eyes. I really have no complaints. Next time you find yourself in the neighborhood, or in need of a pick-me-up, you know where to go! Thank me later?

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