Feelin’ This Friday

TGIF! Hope this week wasn’t too brutal. Mine is ending with a storm.. Tons of lighting, which is both scary and beautiful. Here are some of my recent findings. Oh, and a picture of some festive treats I had this week! I definitely want to try expanding my knowledge, so here’s to hoping that can happen!

Karlie Kloss always seemed cool to me, especially when she started Kode With Klossy. So happy to see her on the cover of Entrepeneur. I hope she makes adult coding camps a reality, because I would surely apply! Not sure if I have a knack for coding, but I’d like to find out.

In the article linked above, SkinTÄ“ was mentioned, as it’s a company Karlie invests in. As a tea lover, it’s now on the top of my “to-try” list. Specifically the Green Tea Grapefruit flavor.

They’re not wrong to say that millennials are turning our world into a co-everything society. This co-living situation is the first time I’ve heard of it, and pretty fascinating from a function + design perspective.

I related so hard to the fourth paragraph. I, too, love traveling alone and having the bed to myself… And making every decision as I see fit. Overall, a very insightful read filled with truths that I think a good chunk of me needed to hear.

This was just fun. Because I love Milo Ventimiglia? Yes, that’s exactly why.

If you ever need interior decorating ideas, check out WeWork’s Instagram page for inspiration of every kind. I especially love this groovy space!

Gosh, there are so many brands in this world I don’t know about. Loved this bit from Glitter Guide, showcasing unique brands with really amazing back stories.

Although it doesn’t get cold here, I want to try this Vegan Oatmeal recipe. Maybe I’ll make a bunch and bring it to work for the week!

Have you heard about the Hunter’s Moon that should be appearing this weekend? I can’t wait! I really hope I see it. I find myself so drawn to the moon, how bout you?

Some useful tips from some CEOs running smaller businesses. With a more finite amount of time and resources, they really know how to buckle down!

Stay safe this weekend– and cheers to those who will have one extra day!

xo, Kris

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