Feelin’ This Friday

How is it already Friday? Someone, please! Explain! Time moves faster in the last half of the year, I swear to it. Although.. I have been running around like a crazy person. From work, to Disneyland, back to work, and island hopping this weekend.. Ah, oh well! Tis the season for treats and travel~ Disney post to come soon!

I learned, like most of the population (via Twitter), that the popular saying is not “just desserts.” It is, in fact, “just deserts.” WHAT!

For some reason, I’ve been craving pasta like a madman. How did I not know that you should be keeping the pasta water? I studied in Italy for a bit.. Did I not learn this at all? I would’ve remembered if I did, right?..

Though I didn’t intend on liking this article because I know nothing about ayurveda, I actually enjoyed it and may be looking into this practice more. I could definitely do some of these!

Wait, this was fascinating. Love the bit about understanding the reader, and naming the reader because it’s easier to talk about a person than just data.

You had me at food. Food packaging and its design is so damn cool. I was just in Target tonight, ooh-ing and aah-ing down the food aisle, gawking at the beautifully designed packaging of ice cream and juices and snacks.

Really, truly, what am I doing with my life? These kids are making money moves in the field of their interest.. And I? Still don’t know anything. At all.

Actually, I didn’t know there was such a thing as medical evacuation insurance. Maybe you should take a look at this if you didn’t know about that either..

Okay, I think that’s all you need to hear me blab about for now. See ya next week?

xo, Kris

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