Feelin’ This Friday

Not joking when I say I watched Dollface in a span of 2 days. I found it to be so witty and thoughtful, and some situations represented in the show were SO real! I won’t spoil anything, but know that it wasn’t all just laughs. It made me resonate with not only the main character, but the side ones as well. There are some real people writing this stuff! I’ve also missed Brenda Song on my screen SO MUCH. Also, any Matthew Gray Gubler fans in the house..? Beware.

I’ve mentioned them before, but DECIEM is doing a super cool thing on their site. Go check it out. I don’t want to write anything about it, so just go~

I’m getting this game in the mail soon, so I wanted to mention it! It’s called We’re Not Really Strangers. Hard to explain, so PLEASE check out the Instagram and website. It’s all I’ve ever needed. Even Jada Pinkett Smith thinks so, because her show, Red Table Talk, partnered with the creator of the game to create an expansion pack — which I also want. Check it out!

This is such an informative post! I always wonder why my moisturizer suddenly doesn’t seem to work when I travel.. Maybe this is the answer, and maybe I need to pay attention to where I’m going and pack accordingly.

Short and sweet this week because I’ve been so busy! Happy Thanksgiving!

xo, Kris

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