Feelin’ This Friday

I was on a happy hour kick this week. Things have been a bit rocky. I’m getting through it. Thanks to happy hour, of course. AND MY AMAZING FRIENDS!

The best kind of writing is one that makes you really see and really feel for the writer. Though I haven’t gone through anything like this, I felt a sense of camaraderie while reading the preface to this recipe for General Tso’s Tofu. Just read it. You’ll know what I mean. I swear a movie could revolve around this dish. Wait, did I just come up with an amazing movie plot?

I also loved this informative and very visual piece about concert photography using a film camera. Did I mention I’ve also become interested in film? Well..

HELLO???? If this show isn’t made for ME, I don’t know what is. I adore Awkwafina and I can’t wait to see her absolutely KILL IT.

Tis the season? I didn’t know these Krampus facts. BTW, did anyone watch that movie from a few years back? Just me? Okay..

I’ve always had mad love for Brittany Snow. And I’ve followed The New Potato for a few years now. Love, love, loved this. My grandma made me cinnamon toast too.

It’s that time of year. Always so interesting, but if you know me, my results aren’t very surprising. Any guesses as to who topped the charts this year for me?

That’s all for now, folks. Til’ next time.

xo, Kris

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