[FILM] Photo Diary: Thanksgiving in Seattle

I recently purchased the Olympus XA2 (film) camera for a friend. I didn’t want to gift it to her without trying it out first, in case it didn’t work and needed to be returned. As a result, I decided to test it out for myself! It was probably the most dangerous thing I could’ve done, as I have now become a film camera maniac. I’m a sucker for memory preservation of any kind, especially when it comes to photos and videos. Please enjoy these few photos from my Thanksgiving weekend trip to Seattle. I know it’s a little late, but I was late to get my film developed.

Our first stop: Dim Sum! We heard through the local grapevine that Jade Garden Restaurant was the place to be for dim sum. They weren’t wrong, since this place was packed! I wish we had a bit more variety in food, but it hit the spot and made room for what was next.

The Starbucks Seattle Roastery. In all its glory, it was beautiful. It was quite reminiscent of Tokyo’s.. And admittedly, Tokyo’s version is the best, by far. However, this one has a home-y vibe that I enjoyed. I wish it were bigger and had more seats. It’s necessary for the size of the crowd that congregates here for hours at a time.

We also hit up the Olympic Sculpture Park while we were visiting. We wanted to see what sculptures it had to offer, and we wanted a nice view of the sunset at least once during our trip. Oh my, it was amazing. These two photos speak for itself.

Happy Thanksgiving! We spontaneously hit up The 5 Point CafĂ© and truly had the best Thanksgiving of our LIVES. It’s miraculous in the movie sense. The bartender was a giant man, tatted up and grizzly.. But turned out to be the absolute warmest, friendliest person on planet earth. He was very reminiscent of John Corbett in the best ways. The man you see in the photo below is a local, and he put in $15 to the jukebox and had my friend choose the last song, maybe two. That kind of describes the vibe of this place. Warm, friendly, open.. And!!! And! We had deep fried turkey, along with a bomb Thanksgiving meal with all the sides. My heart is warm just thinking about this magical night. My throat still hurts from the Wild Turkey shots we did. Never again.

Naturally, we also hit up some classic places in Seattle. Pike’s Market, the infamous and slightly gross yet also fascinating gum wall. I’d say these next few shots are some of my favorites.

Yet another dive bar! Here we have Buckley’s in Belltown, where we sat for hours chatting. I highly, highly recommend their little corn dogs and their wings. If you like sweet potato fries, I suggest those too. Ugh, I loved this place. If we had something like this here at home, I’d definitely be a regular.

I met up with a friend for brunch. She’s been living in the city for a few years now, and this is one of her favorite spots. If you go, you’ll understand why. The food is unique, and every dish or pastry you see is eye catching. I would love to come back and try more. The staff is ever so kind, and the overall decor is so my style. It reminds me of New York in ways. Sadly the photo I took inside is blurry, but you get the idea, right?

We then hit up General Porpoise Doughnuts for some sweet treats. Too bad I couldn’t try all the flavors.. I really would! Sadly, I’m an absolute sucker for sweets. Check out the lighting in this next photo though. I’m proud of catching this one!

Last but not least, one of the best izakayas I’ve ever been to. SUIKA Seattle. The food here was.. Pretty phenomenal. I don’t even know why. Maybe it was just different? Everything just had so much flavor I wish I could’ve had some drinks while here too. Our experience was definitely rushed, so next time around, I’m spending a lot of time here and fully indulging. It was a great place to end the trip. If only the photos came out well!

Alas, we’ve come to an end. Next round of photos will be quite different. Hope you enjoyed this round. This is all new for me, but I’m excited to see what I can create.

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