Hawaii Travel: Oahu Breweries, Pt. 1

Need a Hawaii travel blog to guide you to the best food, beaches, shops, and more? I got you covered! As of right now, I’m definitely an Oahu food blog more than anything else. I love to eat! Who doesn’t? I’ll be sure to expand on more topics as I am able to. But today we’re talking about some of my favorite breweries in Oahu, Hawaii so far. Follow along!

Aloha Beer Co.

Definitely check his place out if you want to sit outdoors, or if you need something good to eat to go with your beer! Local breweries with food are my favorite to check out. It’s the best of both worlds. Aloha Beer serves brunch on Sunday’s and pizza everyday. They even have a special pizza of the week, so check their Instagram for a sneak peek on that. I love how spacious their outside area is, but the only thing to look out for is parking. I think sometimes it fills up, so it can be tricky to find a spot. Also.. They have a little bar upstairs. Is it a secret speakeasy? Maybe.. Go find out!

Honolulu Beerworks

Beerworks is right in Kaka’ako near SALT. There’s a ton of street parking nearby. Trivia is on Tuesday nights and is so much fun, so be sure to stop by! Maybe I’ll see you there? Along the way, check out all the murals from POW! WOW! Hawaii, snap some photos of our local talents, and give them a shoutout online! When you get to Beeworks, I recommend you try the Cocoweizen — it’s my go-to. As for food, definitely their soft pretzel or their mac and cheese. Both go perfectly with beer. You’re welcome in advance!

Beer Lab HI

First off, Pearl City location. They partnere with Sistah Truck to serve bomb freakin’ food! If you like delicious, hearty, heavy food to go with your ice cold beer, don’t even hesitate and order something. They’re always changing up their menu so I can’t recommend anything specific– just know that it’s probably good. And the beer itself here is super cool because they have tons of unique flavors, and they’re always partnering with businesses around the island to come up with a new creation! The last time I went they also had kombucha, so if you don’t drink beer, you do have other options.

Hana Koa Brewing

This would probably be my go-to when taking someone to a brewery on their visit to Hawaii. The only issue I have (as of right now) is that there’s no outdoor seating. That’s not any fault to them, but just something that brings me comfort in these times! I do think Hana Koa has some of the best food for a brewery in Hawaii. I think they have a decent rage of items too, from burgers, to specials, to more local style items like marlin toast! They also have desserts and brunch on Sundays. And even though they’re a brewery with lots of great drinks passing through, I love their upstairs area, known as “The Mezzanine.” It’s like a cocktail area that serves more spirits, along with some secret menu drinks!! Everything offered downstairs is offered upstairs, so you’re not missing anything — just gaining! Definitely try Hana Koa Brewing on your next vacation to Oahu. If you live here, must go! It has such great vibes.


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